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Don’t be an idiot- stay inside

Queenstown Lakes District Mayor Jim Boult is actively urging people to abide by the government’s rules and stay indoors during the coronavirus lockdown. There have been several reports of people going outside and continuing to take part in leisure...... Read More

Central Otago rates increases revised

A proposed rates increase in Central Otago is being revised due the anticipated hardship brought on by the coronavirus on the region’s economy. Central Otago Mayor Tim Cadogan said: "Your council understands the financial challenges that...... Read More

The current status of Wānaka walking tracks

    After much confusion and misinformation regarding the status of walking tracks in Wānaka during the level 4 lockdown, during which Queenstown Lakes Councillor Quentin Smith incorrectly announced that the Mt Iron track was closed to...... Read More

ORC opens online consultation on Annual Plan 2020-21

Otago Regional Council (ORC) chair Marian Hobbs said circumstances had changed drastically in the two weeks since the Annual Plan was approved for consultation on March 11. “We completed an ambitious annual plan for consultation weeks ago. We...... Read More

Locked down in Wānaka: What are we up to?

  Jo Haines Trying not to do a typical day here in Albert Town, don’t want to get into a groundhog day ... so our Friday started with a walk up Mt Iron with the dog. Home to porridge breakfast before donning the overalls and going batty...... Read More

Ski industry: hopeful but realistic

In a statement released last Sunday regarding the upcoming winter season at Cardrona Alpine Resorts, General Manager Bridget Legnavsky said that newly-established national alert level three would be “an interesting place for us to work in,”...... Read More

Take a breath, says Mayor Boult

Queenstown Lakes District Mayor Jim Boult has called on the community to “take a breath,”understand the latest announcement and calmly prepare for the four-week lockdown period.  “This is a time where humanity and kindness need...... Read More

Parents, you don’t have to be perfect during lockdown

If being a parent is not already tricky enough, self-isolation for many means temporarily becoming a school teacher every day on top of work and day-to-day home life.  What some families have already realised is that school at home doesn’t...... Read More