OPINION Plastic Free July week two — uncomfortable changes

We are two weeks into Plastic Free July and some things are going great and others are coming at a cost —  and not just financial. Although, it must be said that the plastic-free options are currently breaking my bank so some options are not going to be continued beyond July 31 unless the market starts creating such a ruckus of demand that prices come down. 

But the other cost is that of, ahem, a personal nature. I tucked away my Rexona for the month to trial plastic-free alternatives with the view to switch permanently if I find something that does the job. But so far, I am not loving the clammy pits and constantly trying to smell myself to see if the plastic-free but also aluminum-free deodorant is working. To answer that question, it’s not. 

But here’s where things get uncomfortable. My sister is extremely environmentally conscious and has made many lifestyle changes to care for the planet. We are genetically linked and share the same propensity to sweat but she’s committed to the full gamut of waste-free products and believes that clammy pits is just the price to pay and she’s prepared to pay it. “We are addicted to convenience,” she cries. “Making good decisions requires sacrifice and discomfort but saving the planet isn’t going to be easy. We just have to do it.”

Her words ring in my ears. Husband and I recently paid mega bucks to buy an electric 4WD because it was a cost we believed was worth it. (And it is). But I am not sure I can pay the cost of stinking armpits. Am in living in dissonance or am I just making a practical decision? Or is ‘making a practical decision’ just another way to say ‘justifying a bad decision’? 

Everyone has different boundaries and a different perspective on cost but for me it’s the personal items that are the most challenging; stinking pits, stringy hair, bad skin —  whatever plastic-free options are out there, they have to work, otherwise they’re a no from me.


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