WoolOn moves to 2020

WoolOn Creative Fashion Event has been postponed until next year. The event was to be held in late August but a suitable venue could not be found, despite an exhaustive search, chairperson Victoria Ravenscroft said.

The group had identified Molyneux Stadium as a venue after the warehouse where numerous previous shows were held became unavailable. Further investigations into the stadium, however, illuminated multiple issues around logistics, cost, and health and safety, with these issues not becoming fully apparent until late May.

“The stadium just doesn’t work for our type of event. The high levels of sponsorship necessary to host the event there were proving challenging to secure and our largely-new committee feel they need more time to consolidate and look more strategically as to where to from here,” she said.

“It is unfortunate given we have a record number of entries and designers share our disappointment, however there are some exciting opportunities on the table at present in terms of location and venue. It is our aim to see this fabulous long-running event continue and thrive in the future.”

The 58 entries received could be carried over to the new event likely to be held in the first half of next year.


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