Hawea tackles the big topics

Pictured: Chair of the Hawea Community Association, April McKenzie.

A public meeting was held by the Hawea Community Association (HCA) at the Lake Hawea Community Centre on May 11 with around 100 community members in attendance.

At the top of the agenda was Wanaka Airport expansion. Residents expressed that they would like the convenience of domestic flights to and from Wanaka; however this was clearly over-ridden by the larger concerns around the impact on lifestyle, environment and infrastructure. There was support for being able to fly to and from Wanaka airport on turbo-prop ATR type aircraft on regular scheduled flights to regional destinations. However, there was not clear support for jet aircraft.

Significant concern was expressed regarding the wider infrastructure needs of the Upper Clutha (with the indication that infrastructure needs should be in place for the current levels of residents/visitors, let alone the future needs). A key concern was that the cost of infrastructure fell to ratepayers (and that the visitor tax proposed by QLDC would be far from sufficient). Concern was also expressed regarding “over-tourism” in the region.

Many Hawea residents would welcome a regular shuttle bus from Hawea to the Queenstown Airport.

The Capell Avenue shopping zone was also under discussion. The community was overall favourable to supporting options of integrating the Bodkin street reserve into the Capell Avenue shopping zone. An integrated reserve would need to be able to support a regular (weekly) market place; and be in addition to space provided by the developer for outdoor commercial space.

The discussion around the Proposed District Plan enjoyed unanimous support for the Urban Growth Boundary to be contained North of Cemetery road, and West of Muir Rd. Township zoning did not need to be extended. The group supported the idea of building of residential flats within the Urban Growth Boundary which would provide much more affordable housing for those that can’t afford, or do not want, a full section with a house. Unit titles are governed by a body corporate which manages property upkeep, which is an appealing idea for the elderly or those not disposed to home maintenance.


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