The fraud complaints from online sites and social media sites are still rolling in. Please be careful when purchasing online and think of what assurances there are to ensure the transaction is likely to be honoured. Try not to be caught out. If something looks ‘too good to be true’ it generally is. It is worth doing some research. If a transaction can be done in person you are less likely to be feeding a fraudster who has a dozen transactions for the same item that doesn’t exist.

A member of the public spotted a kite surfer in trouble when his equipment failed in Lake Wanaka near Ruby Island and called police. With the assistance of the Coastguard and the Harbourmaster, he was safely returned to land. He was lucky, as this could have ended badly. A big thanks to the person who called it in.

This week police made another concerted effort into apprehending drink drivers. I am disappointed but not surprised that they caught six drivers over the legal alcohol limit, and one under the influence of drugs. It is a real problem here and I hope it’s not like this everywhere—it is definitely more specific to our area. Unacceptable anywhere in NZ.

A male was arrested for possession of cannabis. It is not legal in New Zealand, so it is still definitely on our radar.

Police are investigating a serious assault at a local bar as well as a number of other related offences involving a group of males who are new to town. We don’t accept that behaviour here.

We attended two crashes this week; one involving a hit-and-run with a driver colliding with a pedestrian who was crossing the road, and the other was a driver leaving his lane on the Crown Range Road. Two opposing cars cannot have a head-on crash if they both stay in their own lanes, simple! Drive defensively.

Over the last week a theft was reported from an unattended vehicle at a public area, and another from a public facility—keep an eye out if something looks out of place and let us know if you see anything suspicious that you think we should be aware of. Remember to secure your valuables at all times.

I am sure you have cottoned on to the fact that I am suggesting that we all need to take some responsibility for our own behaviour. Look after your friends, look after your neighbours and look after others as you would like them to look after you. It is called ‘community’ and we have an awesome one. Help us to change behaviours and keep everyone safe.

Don’t forget the new 105 number for non-emergency calls (if it’s already happened) and 111 for emergency calls (it’s happening now).

Take care out there.


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