Container scheduled to go

Pictured: the container in question will be gone within a fortnight.

Following last week’s article ‘Container mystery not solved yet’ Queenstown Lakes District Council has explained that the temporary capsule was installed on Wanaka’s lakefront on Tuesday December 18, 2018 to provide seating, shade, and a people-friendly space during the busy period of the year.

“It was also intended as an informal way of sharing visuals for the Lakefront development, and information panels of the plan were placed inside the capsule, which were removed over time. More were intended specifically to show Stage Two of the Lakefront Development Plan, and a programme of work. The intention of the capsule was then for it to be removed before construction of Stage Two of the Wanaka Lakefront Development Plan began, within the three-month restriction.”

“However, following agreement by the Wanaka Community Board to pause Stage Two of the Wanaka Lakefront Development Plan to align considerations for parking with options presented as part of the Wanaka Town Centre Masterplan, the capsule has remained in this location longer than first planned.

“The capsule’s removal has been scheduled and it will be removed within the fortnight, and relocated in the future to align with focus on Stage Three of the Wanaka Lakefront Development Plan, and once again to share visuals for people to see what the development will be delivering for the wider community.”


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