Wanaka’s royal full house

Pictured from left: Archie Davison, Archie Popperwell, Harrison Lovelock and Harrison Black (not pictured: the very cute but camera-shy, Archie Beaton).

Archie Davison (9), Archie Popperwell (5), Archie Beaton (5, not pictured), Harrison Lovelock (8) and Harrison Black (6); five Wanaka boys who share their moniker with the latest little royal, Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor.

School boys are not prone to being even the faintest bit impressed by royalty but did think it was just a little bit cool to share the royal name. Archie Popperwell’s mum, Sarah Willsher, says her gran used to love watching the British show, ‘Monarch of the Glen’ whose lead character was ‘Archie.’ They then found the name in their family history and happily settled on ‘Archie’ when their bundle of joy arrived.

For Archie Davison, he believes the choice of name wasn’t quite so thought-out for his parents. “When I popped out I just looked like an Archie,” he said.

Harrison Lovelock says his parents just liked the name but he often gets called Harry by family.

According to the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the popularity of babies being named Archie and Harrison have risen over the last decade, ranking closely to one another in 2018 on the top 100 list. “Archie came in at 23rd with 138 babies taking the name, and Harrison was close behind at 28th with 128 babies given the moniker.”

The latest royal baby will likely spark a new naming trend for Archie and Harrison, much as his father’s did. Following the Duke’s birth in 1984, the name Harry steadily climbed the popularity charts, ascending from eight babies taking the title in 1985 to 127 in 2014.


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