Crimeline by Senior Constable Ian Henderson

Road policing will continue to be a major focus for local police due to the unique location we live in. The roads we traverse daily are challenging for locals, and extremely challenging for visitors. The recent media coverage of the multiple-fatal crash in the North Island shows that when things go wrong, they can go majorly wrong. Now that winter has crept up on us, think about driving defensively—triple your following distances, drive at speeds that reflect the road conditions, brake early and avoid distractions.

All sorts of incidents have been reported over the last week. On April 23, a group climbing Mt Aspiring were reported overdue but before SAR were mobilised, they were advised that the group had walked out to Raspberry Flat. We received a couple of reports that mail had been tampered with at Dublin Bay, and letterboxes damaged at Lake Hawea. Overnight two vehicles have had their windscreens shattered at the start of the Breast Hill track. A domestic matter was attended in town which resulted in a female being charged with driving offences. A vehicle was reported stolen from outside a Dungarvon Street address and later found nearby with the keys still in the ignition—smart place to keep the keys is in your pocket.

On April 24 a couple were extracted off Mt Brewster when they became bluffed. After activating their beacon, they were lifted off the mountain by helicopter and dropped at Makarora Hut. Police also spoke to the protest group near the Wanaka Tree. There were no complaints, but wouldn’t expect any either.

On Thursday April 25, a female was processed for drink-driving after being caught speeding on Lakeside Road; a couple of messages there. Two visitors from France were located after a theft complaint. After they paid in full for the stolen items they were let go with a warning. They left New Zealand yesterday.

On April 26 a youth driver was processed for drink-driving after leaving a local bar to drive to a party. Remember the limit for under-20 is zero. Sadly, a six-year-old selling pine cones on Riverbank Road had her Milo can prised open overnight and her $45 stolen by some miscreant.

On Sunday a local male was kicked out of Fitzpatricks Bar and later, when asked to leave Post Office Lane, he refused and was arrested by police. Police attended a domestic matter in the early morning and issued a Police Safety Order to the antagonist. Unfortunately he later returned and was arrested and appeared in court on Monday this week.

A reminder for local businesses to make sure CCTV is working, alarms are switched on and the premises are locked up securely. Keep cash and valuables locked away in a safe or take them home.

Still far too many drivers using cell-phones, and too many drivers not stopping at stop signs and checking the intersection is completely clear, so police will be focusing on those as well.

Whai i te wiki haumaru (Have a safe week)


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