Laser cut models: Easter display

Bruce Kendall with one of his models.

Bruce Kendall, a local resident at the Wanaka Retirement Village is opening a public display of his laser cut models this Easter weekend, and the community is welcome to join in.

The free display will be open this weeked on Saturday and Sunday from 10am-5pm, and Monday 10am-3pm.

Kendall, a retired engineer, has always been fascinated by the mechanics of making models. “The fascination of personal involvement in the plastics industry in early life… makes this hobby a natural extension with my spare time these days,” he says, “my wife, in desperation of seeing me glued to a computer screen, has encouraged and assisted me to continue making these very interesting structures.”

He says that making these models takes him back to his childhood, however one can imagine that making these models is not child’s play. This stimulating hobby is keeping Kendall busy, and he expressed that, “finger and mind are now kept nimble as one delves back into boyhood.”

He spent some time in Wellington with Weta Workshops creating these models and has 20 to go on display this weekend, “what we have here in Wanaka Village is somewhat a sample of our work,” he says.

The display will include 20 different models of his ranging from music boxes to train stations and airships, made from a combination of Lego and laser cut materials. He has also incorporated locomotives into his designs, with some models being solar powered and some wind up.

The display will be open to members of the public in the Pembroke Lounge at the Presbyterian Support Village behind Elmslie House at 7 Meadowstone Drive. Kendall himself will be present at the display between 10am-12pm and 1-2pm on all days that it is open.


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