Tips to reduce 2019 waste

Pictured: Get in the habit of bringing your reusable coffee (or fluffy) cup with you when you’re opting for a hot beverage on the go. Many cafes in the Upper Clutha offer a discount when you do.| Photo: Wanaka Sun

As Wanaka moves towards a reduced waste new year, the country's Ministry of Environment (MOE) offers easy suggestions on how to cut down on home waste in 2019.

When dining, say “no” to single-use plastics, such as straws and cutlery. Investing in quality reusable supplies, including a water bottle, shopping bag and lunch container, can be an effective solution to help end single-use plastics.

When shopping, purchase items that are free from extra packaging, such as avoiding fruits and vegetables with extra plastic wrapping. If growing produce is unavailable to you, consider selecting food with extra packaging that can be recycled or composted.

When cooking or eating, opt to purchase food items in bulk. Packaged single-serving items can be swapped for items in large bulk bags where the contents can be stored at home in reusable containers. Some stores will even allow you to fill your own containers on the spot.
When planning a shopping list, give extra thought to needed items to understand if the desired goods can rented or borrowed instead of bought. If not, consider whether or not the purchased product is designed to last through long-term use.
When discarding trash, aim to fill your recycling bin more than your trash receptacle as choosing recyclable products will help cut down on waste. Other considerations can be given to purchasing supplies made from recycled materials and looking into recycling schemes for materials like soft plastics and electronic waste.



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