Nail-biting shows in Lake Hawea

Pictured: Lizzie Tollemache and David Ladderman | Photo: Supplied

You may not believe your eyes when you step into Lake Hawea Community Centre on Saturday, November 10. Arts on Tour NZ (AOTNZ) is coming to the hall and presenting carnival life-inspired live shows that will engage both children and adults alike.

Lizzie Tollemache and David Ladderman, husband and wife seasoned performers and creators of Rollicking Entertainment, are touring their widely-acclaimed two shows this month; both performances are inspired by the life of illusionist and stunt performer Harry Houdini.

Seven Deadly Stunts, marketed to adults, includes seven daring acts such as escapology, chainsaw juggling and walking on broken glass all performed together with accompanying stories.

The Messy Magic Adventure, marketed to children and families, showcases the whirlwind adventure that occurs while two cleaners attempt to tidy a magician’s house.

“We are passionate about giving audiences the kind of live experience you can’t possibly get at home on your phone. Creating the atmosphere and the fizz of excitement in the air that happens when people gather over something exciting and gripping that makes them laugh and gasp and cheer,” Tollemache told the Wanaka Sun.

Lake Hawea Community Centre committee member Elizabeth (Liz) Munn said their hall is an excellent venue for plays. “The residents of Hawea have a lovely community centre, which is owned and maintained by the village residents. The committee of the community centre has applied to Arts NZ to stage shows for the last two years and has presented about five shows, which are all greatly appreciated.”

Munn said the upcoming shows’ profits will go towards disaster relief through funding of a new generator.

AOTNZ is a government initiative to bring live theatre to smaller centres in the country by way of touring musicians, singers, actors and comedians.

Tollemache said, “people in small, isolated or rural parts of the country deserve access to arts just as much as people in a city. That's how we connect and share stories and open our minds and celebrate or feel together as a community. When we all engage with the arts, we create a much richer and more interesting arts industry. How boring would it be if the only new voices in theatre or film or music were all from Auckland?”

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