Central Art Space offers artistic workshops

The purpose-built studio is designed to provide everything that you need in a working art studio

Jenny Sutherland is a qualified art teacher at both primary and high school level.

Since moving to Wanaka 18 months ago, she has created and developed a Central Art Space. She aims to provide a purpose-built facility for people to practice art, as well as learn a range of other art disciplines, including print-making, drawing, craftwork and painting.

A lifetime in art 

Jenny’s academic achievements are coupled with over 10 years of experience in the Dunedin arts scene. She has previously owned retail shops in Dunedin and Gore, as well as one of the largest stamping and paper craft shops in New Zealand and is currently doing a Masters in Painting at the Dunedin School of Art.

Her life so far has evolved around making and teaching, which she says she enjoys because she is able to teach a new skill or piece of information.

“Life’s tough so if you can have a passion about something that you like to do, that’s very lucky,” she said.

A life-long learner, who has also just returned from a month in a Parisian art school, she believes art making to be about personal reward, which also grounds, balances and de-stresses.

Art to Jenny is her happy place and does not consider it to be working.

“It’s always nice to find things that make you feel like you’re breathing again because you get busy with lots of other things.”

Purpose-built studio

Her purpose-built studio is designed to provide everything that you need in a working art studio and Jenny has arranged for guest tutors and art facilitators, from all over New Zealand to visit and assist with workshops. Attendees of the two workshops which have already been held at the Central Art Space were amazed at the space.

The studio also provides a resource room and outdoor classroom to assist people with the opportunity to learn and create.

The studio showcases a range of art mediums and practices to illustrate that art is not necessarily only traditional or hyperrealistic. She wants to ensure, for children in particular, that not all art is about drawing or painting. She believes by providing an opportunity for children to see different mediums that it might sow a seed for someone to pursue an interest in say, photography, sculpture or printing.

Small class sizes

Classes will have a maximum capacity of 10, unless specifically stated.

Jenny believes in more teacher time, and that waiting for resources slows down the making process. Class prices will vary depending on the class but block classes will usually be $30 per session. Specialist classes can range from $95 to $150 per class if very specific art materials are required.

Private classes and workshops start next week, from Monday 6 August beginning with four to six classes a week.

Workshops include: private classes, Duke of Edinburgh, beginning drawing, life drawing and a range of other classes.

She is also offering children’s classes for 7-12-year-olds on Wednesdays, for two hours after school. Unless otherwise stated all other classes are targeted for adults, as Jenny believes that they deserve to have their educational and interest needs met as well.

“I think it’s significantly important that people walk away with high levels of confidence and a solid understanding of foundational skills,” Jenny said.

“I always say, ‘I will give you tools to put in your art toolbox’, but a builder needs more than a hammer to build a house. You need a range of tools and skills so that when you want to use them they’re right there.”

Jenny sees the Central Art Space as a place that over time, will provide the community with a place to grow, try art styles and learn. She is also keen to listen to the community, provide an artistic base and see what their needs are to plan classes in the future.

Visit the or Facebook page or website: www.centralartspace.nz for class descriptions, timetables, gallery, blog, newsletters and any other information.

29 Sam John Place, Lake Hawea 9382
Queenstown-Lakes District,
New Zealand

Phone: 027 274 5021
Email: info@centralartspace.nz

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