Q&A with Heartbreak Island’s Shayna Maunder

Pictured: Heartbreak Island contestant, Shayna

Heartbreak Island’s Shayna Maunder, 28, originally from Tauranga but living in Wanaka, is currently one of 16 originals contestant competing for love, money or both on a tropical island in Fiji.

Shayna and partner Stacy Smyth this week alone have survived a double elimination and a passion play in the reality show but she still had time to chat to the Wanaka Sun about friendship, love and playing to win $100,000.

So far, you’ve been smashing the challenges are you feeling confident enough to win?

Hopefully, you’ll just have to keep watching.

Do you think that the challenges are getting tougher?

The challenges are just different every single time so I think you can’t really prepare yourself well, you go to them and try your best so I don’t know if they’re getting harder but just different.

You recently had a tough decision to make, whether to stay with your partner Stacy, are you happy with the decision that you made?

Oh, 100 percent. There was no doubt in my mind that I would get rid of him, I back him.

So far your relationship seems quite tactical do you think there is any romance there?

I don’t know. Stacy and I just clicked and had this weird instant connection from the very start so I think at the moment we’re doing well so there’s no reason for me to swap him out. I don’t know what it’s like in his head. At the moment I’m happy and all the other boys just seem to have their own things going on. Yep, I’m happy with Stacy at the moment.

You are a very laid back character, is that a tactic to make alliances?

I have no game plan or tactics whatsoever, I just went in to be myself. It’s the easiest way to do it, just roll with it. Some people get really into the game, like Kristian and his head was way too in the game. I think you need to step back and just be chill and take each day how it comes. It’s how I do it and I guess so far it’s going alright for me.

Who do you think your biggest competitors are?

I always sort of thought Jules would of been my biggest guy competitor. Like him and I would always enter each challenge like, aw I’m gonna beat you this time. Me and Stacy came  runner up to Jules and Georgia on the first diamond challenge and then the second time we were against each other in the formal challenge, so we’ve kind of always had this friendly fiery competition. But obviously he went home last [week] so that was a bit upsetting. But I think strategy wise, Josh and Harry are very conniving.

Who do you think your closest friends are on the island?

My closest girlfriends on the island, Gennady and Kelsey. Me and Gen were really upset that night that Kelsey got eliminated.

Who do you think will win?

I’m obviously backing me all the way.

If you did win, what would you do with the money?

If I won I think I’d like to go on another holiday. I‘m 28 years old so I should probably get a deposit on a house somewhere but I don’t know where I’d want to live. Go shopping, treat yourself you know. Buy a tub of Ben and Jerry’s ice cream, yum.

Do you think that you will walk away with love and money?

At this point of the game, I’m not sure. I went in with my guard up, still open to things but just at this point, kind of just taking it day by day. It is a TV show. It is a game as well, so you kind of need to be a bit wary of your surroundings and everyone else.

Shayna is currently back in Wanaka, working at her former workplace as a dental assistant. If she wins she claims that she would still work before deciding what direction she would go in.

Pictured: Heartbreak Island contestant, Shayna

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