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Dear Editor,

I have to ask, why is it that some people think it's ok to kill other people's pets?

What ever happened to neighbourly communication?

It seems like there is some unwritten rule for cats, that it’s ok to shoot them or even drown them if they come across your land. Yes, it’s totally acknowledged that cats can do damage and I am not a mad pro-cat lover. They do however become a part of people’s families and many people take great care of their pets and are responsible animal owners.

We had a black cat here at our hostel on Russell Street that recently disappeared. Nobody was ever found and so no charges have ever been laid. This cat was loved, fed, wormed, cuddled and a part of the hostel. Every day it turned up with a rat or mouse or rabbit here on Russell Street. It was a valuable member of the street!

Animals can be contained and confined, dogs can be controlled to stop barking. I wonder how many neighbours actually know the names of who lives next door to them anymore. Simple neighbourly communication seems to have gone out the window.


Sarah Macnab

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