Objection to 4am closure

The potential for 4am closing times at Helwick Street’s Cork Bar has been met with opposition from Wanaka Alcohol Group (WAG).

The wine bar has applied to Queenstown Lakes District Council for a variation to its license which would allow it to trade until 4am.

WAG coordinator Bronwyn Coers said that the group would be objecting on the basis that the amenity and good order of the locality would likely be reduced to more than a minor extent by the effects of the licence variation, with worries including vandalism, noise and vomit.

Bronwyn added that alcohol-related harm was a concern as well as the fact that taxi services would not be on offer at this time and that Wanaka Community Patrol volunteers would need to extend their hours.

“The Wanaka Alcohol Group believes this is the perfect time for the community to make a stand and let it be known we do not want our bars opening to 4am,” Bronwyn said.

“If we have one bar that is allowed to open until 4am the rest will follow and this would be a giant step back in reducing alcohol-related harm in our community.”

Bronwyn added that WAG would be working to refresh an accord signed by all agencies and licensees under the old Sale of Liquor Act agreeing that trading in the town would not take place past 2.30am.


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