Tom Jamieson - Obituary

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Tom Jamieson (December 8, 1942 - January 23, 2018)

A farewell to remember the life of Tom Jamieson, who passed away on January 23, was held at the Hawea Hotel on Sunday, April 29.

Tom was born on December 8, 1942, and was a well-known figure often seen biking between Hawea and Wanaka.

Michele Cotter said it was a compassionate lot, of about 40 people, that came to say goodbye. The fires were roaring and the hospitality was gracious.

Tom’s ashes were carried in by Brent Arthur, Hawea’s chief fire officer. His bike was carried in by uniformed ambulance, army and Hawea Fire Brigade members.

Sian Hurley spoke of Tom’s early days in Scotland and his time of service.

Michele spoke of their friendship of more than 20 years, and her and husband Mike’s time of Tom living with them at the Hawea Holiday park for eight years.

Don Meyer spoke of his friendship with Tom, building his little cabin and helping Tom on numerous occasions.

Peter Ward was last to speak. He and his wife Dawn enabled Tom to live, as he wanted, on their land until the day he died.

Michele said it was no secret that Tom liked a drink. He loved to sing. He wanted to be left to live as he chose. He was a kind-hearted man, and had ladies he would visit around Wanaka. These ladies were the Sallies, the checkout girls, the bank girls and the librarians.

He was described as a generous man, who “may have appeared poor, but definitely not in spirit”.

The service was recorded and sent to Glasgow, Scotland, where his elderly brother and sister had a memorial later the same day and sent a message of thanks to the Hawea community for caring for their brother.

A tree has been planted on the Clyde River where Tom spent his boyhood days, and another will be planted where he lived. His ashes will be placed at the Hawea Cemetery.

He will be remembered as a friend.

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