Wanaka Crimeline | Wanaka Police - 11 October 2017

Photo: Nikki Heath / Wanaka Sun


By Senior Constable Darren Cranfield

Welcome to the longer days of daylight saving, for those who forgot to replace their smoke alarm batteries write yourself a note now.  

A vehicle rolled on the Luggate Highway after getting into trouble in loose shingle on the side of the road, a lucky escape for the driver with no injuries.

After an ongoing investigation police arrested and charged a male with “Assault with Intent” after an incident on 2 September.

Theft of Gillette razor blades from New World was observed on CCTV, the tourist offender was later located and arrested.

Three males had an unpleasant surprise when the boys in blue knocked on their door for a traffic related matter, instead, a large plume of smoke from their cannabis bong wafted out to greet the officers.

Located inside was 107 grams (that’s about ½ supermarket bag) of cannabis and other drug paraphernalia. The trio will appear in court this week.

An overseas driver was parking his vehicle and hit the gas instead of the brake, not hard to guess what happened next!! Three vehicles damaged in total. 

A cheeky tourist thought he would take a free shower at a local backpackers. That is until the owner caught him and made him pay for a night’s accommodation – Justice is best served cold, well done!

A family harm incident resulted in a large amount of property being damaged but no complaint. Police will be working closely with this pair to ensure there are no ongoing problems.

A 70yr old tourist with Alzheimer’s left her cabin to go to the bathroom in the early hrs of the morning when family awoke she was not there.

Members of the public and police searched for about four hours and she was finally located about 2km away safe and well. Thanks to everyone who helped out as it sure makes our job easier given the limited resources available.

At about 10pm on Saturday a drink driver was chased by police for a short distance before he dumped his car and attempted to do a runner through somebodies property, he changed his mind when the dog(s) on the property started growling and heading his way.

A white Falcon Ute was report as stolen from outside the Luggate Hotel between the 4 th – 6 th October.

A house on Lismore Street had a rock thrown through a window, this is the second incident of this nature in this area, Police would appreciate hearing from anyone who can assist with locating this person.

Tour to Fridge- no doubt some of you saw, or heard, this group of 60-70 on their bikes around town on Saturday. In general, they were pretty well behaved…. until they reached their final destination on Upton Street.

I’d imagine their sound system was registering on the Richter scale going by the noise it was making and after a few hours the neighbours had had enough.

When police arrived to confiscate the stereo and a few of them caused an issue with their interpretation of the law, 1 x arrested for Obstructing Police, two were warned and two still to be spoken to for the same offence.

We all love to see people having a bit of fun but next year the end zone needs to be a better planned.

Finally, a reminder to all that we need to respect people’s property boundaries, if you see a fence around the land with sheep and lambs inside let’s assume this piece of land belongs to someone.

We need to get permission to go onto other people’s property, and most definitely need permission to hunt there.

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