UPDATE: Lakeside Road landslide

Lakeside Road slip (3pm, Fri, 8 Sept 2017) from Lismore Street, Wanaka. Photo: Nikki Heath / Wanaka Sun

Original story:  Lakeside Road closed by mudslide Posted: 9:06am Friday 08 Sep, 2017

The following statement was issued by Queenstown Lakes District Council (5pm, Fri, 8 Sept 2017) 

QLDC officials are on site at the Marina Terrace Apartments construction site in Wanaka where a landslide occurred overnight, causing Lakeside Road to be closed.

Along with Council contractors, Downer and Veolia, QLDC are in regular communication with the developers to monitor the clean-up operation and to ensure that there is no detrimental effect to the lake, immediate environment and council services.

Update on access from QLDC (4:15pm): Access across Lakeside Rd remains blocked for both vehicles and pedestrians until the slip can be cleared. Access is available via Little St and Lismore St. Pedestrian access below the slip along the lakefront has been stopped due to deteriorating weather.  

The developer has confirmed the landslide is due to the site becoming destabilised as a result of removing vegetation and waterlogged soil. This is preparatory work for de-watering the site.

QLDC priorities are to ensure that the site is stabilised to prevent further slips and guarantee that neighbouring properties are not at risk.

The developer has informed the immediate residents and offered reassurance regarding the localised nature of the event in the centre of the site.

Lakeside Road slip (3pm) from Lismore St, Wanaka. Photos: Nikki Heath / Wanaka Sun

Anthony Hall, QLDC Principal Monitoring and Enforcement Officer, is coordinating the Council’s response and has been liaising with the Marina Terrace developers. Mr Hall said,

“We’ve been advised that GeoSolve engineers are on site directing the operation. The developers are awaiting instructions from GeoSolve as to when the landslide can be removed and the road re-opened.”

“We are continuing to monitor progress and the road currently remains closed. We’re unable to confirm at this stage when the road will reopen which will happen as soon as it is safe and practicable. Diversions are in place and as a precaution the lakeside pedestrian walkway has also been closed.”

Lakeside Road slip (9am) from Lismore St, Wanaka. Photos: Nikki Heath / Wanaka Sun

“The developer is currently continuing to draw down the groundwater level on site and they report that this has stabilised the slip with no additional movement noted since 3:00am. Once this dewatering is completed a slope stability analysis will be undertaken to confirm that the remedial works have provided sufficient increase in stability and reduce risk to Lakeside Road.”

QLDC has been advised that there has been no adverse effect from the slip on the lake which has been monitored by representatives from Otago Regional Council.

QLDC Chief Engineer, Ulrich Glasner, also confirmed that Council water infrastructure was unaffected.

Original story:  Lakeside Road closed by mudslide Posted: 9:06am Friday 08 Sep, 2017

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