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Davey Hawkins is pictured at last year’s Worldwide Knit in Public Day in Wanaka. Photo: Nadine Cagney

Needles will be clicking in Wanaka’s streets again for the second Worldwide Knit in Public Day to be held on June 10.

Run for the first time in Wanaka last year, Worldwide Knit in Public Day was started in 2005 with around 25 events around the world as a way for knitters to come together and enjoy each other’s company.

In 2016, there were 1015 events in 57 countries with the day now the largest knitter-event in the world and celebrates the resurgence in knitting currently being seen around the world.

Locally, Knit Club Wanaka comprises a strong community of knitters (and a few who crochet) who have encouraged many to pick up their needles again and taught dozens of complete beginners how to knit in the past two years.

Michelle Stewart is behind the Knit Club Wanaka initiative.

“Knitting is such a solitary act that it is easy to knit alone somewhere and sink into your work without thinking about all the other knitters out there.

Neighbours could spend all their lives never knowing that the other knits.

Worldwide Knit in Public Day is a specific day to get out of your house and come into town with your knitting and hang out with other knitters for an hour or two to share your enjoyment of this craft.

Be sure to bring along blankets, friends, knitting and your smile,” Michelle said.

The event will happen on lounges outside Kai Whakapai on June 10 from 11am-1.30pm.

Cover image: Davey Hawkins is pictured at last year’s Worldwide Knit in Public Day in Wanaka. Photo: Nadine Cagney

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