River wave safety addressed after near-drownings

Whitewater kayak park by the Camp Hill Road bridge - Hawea River Photo: Will Jackways willjackways.blogspot.co.nz

From Wanaka Sun (page 3)  27 April 2017

River wave safety addressed | Wanaka Sun

A meeting was held in Hawea last week to discuss safety measures at the Hawea River wave following a near-drowning at the spot at the beginning of April.

Surfer Milu Multhaup, who was rescued by a kayaker and three surfers when he became trapped under the water on one side of a Camp Hill Bridge pylon with his board still tied to his leg on the other side, said that the aim of the meeting on April 13 was to discuss what could be put in place for future education and the rescue of surfers at the river wave.

Commercial white-water kayak guide Ben Yates, who helped a surfer in a similar situation two years ago, said that a safety system was due to be put in place very soon, with trees downstream scheduled to be tended to.

He added that leg leashes had now been pivotal in two near-death situations and that anyone wearing a leash, already considered hazardous, should wear them higher up the body such as around the waist or wrist.

Pictured: Diagram of a potential safety system to be put in place.

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Cover image: Hawea Whitewater Park  beside the Camp Hill Road bridge, Hawea River Photo: Will Jackways 

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