Electric car display in Wanaka today

The BMW i8 Photo: Supplied

(see details on viewing the new fast charging station for electric vehicles below)

Electric Cars On Show In Wanaka

- By Richard Prout, Lake Hawea

Come and see a display of electric cars at the Wanaka skateboard park today (Friday 21st April) from 3pm to 4pm. 

Many people think electric cars are a thing of the future. Many people assume they are slow, or quirky.

Others just aren't aware of them at all.

The reality is that there are 18 different models available in New Zealand today, and some so comprehensively outperform the petrol models that it is quite astonishing what they can do.

For instance, did you know that the latest top of the range electric cars can drive themselves?

Did you know that even a Ferrari or Lamborghini couldn't beat them in a standing quarter of a mile race?

Yes, electric cars are here and they are quite remarkable in one quite odd way: you probably don't notice them!

I see half a dozen electric cars in Wanaka a day. Do you? I suspect not, because they look, and drive just like petrol cars.

Of course, some models, like the BMW i8, look so futuristic, that its easy to spot them, but my Nissan Leaf, looks like any other boring family car.

So, if they are so the same, why would you bother getting one?

Well, its pretty much a no brainer.

  1.   •  They don't pollute the hell out of our environment. Yes the batteries are entirely recyclable, and no the CO2 to produce them isn't an issue compared to the saving when you drive them.

  2.   •  They are much cheaper to run. Electricity is about 5x times cheaper than petrol. Most people will save $3,000-$6,000 on fuel per year.

  3.   •  They require very little maintenance and are insanely reliable.

  4.   •  The top of the range ones have very sophisticated accident avoidance features and can even drive themselves

  5.   •  Using petrol results in us sending NZD $2 billion to the Middle East per annum!

  6.   •  If you think you will miss your old V8 sound, then just drive one of the performance electric cars. It feels like you are in charge of the starship enterprise. They make a V8 seem like some steam punk relic.

Imagine trying to introduce the petrol car as new product today. It simply wouldn't be allowed.

The pollution is shocking. The health and environment impacts are dreadful. The costs are insane.

A very odd thing about New Zealand, is that we are perhaps the perfect country for electric cars.

We have a simple road network, especially in the South Island.

There is a network of very high speed electric chargers being rolled out this year throughout the South Island.

This will make it very easy to charge up in minutes on those long journeys to say Christchurch or Dunedin.

I charge my car at home overnight. My electric bill hardly seems to have gone up, and I simply don't go to a petrol garage anymore.

Yes, you really can just charge from a standard plug in your house!

We are a small country but our per capita CO2 emission footprint is really bad.

We are getting a lost worse very quickly too. So, whatever your motivation: cost, performance, saving the environment, there is almost certainly an electic or plug-in hybrid vehicle for you.

Come down to the skate-park this Friday 3pm - 4pm and see a few of them...

(see details on viewing the new fast charging station for electric vehicles below)

- By Richard Prout, Lake Hawea

Fast charging station for electric vehicles on display today

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