Luggate residents fight chlorination

From Wanaka Sun (page 2)  20 - 26 April 2017

Luggate residents fight chlorination

Members of the Luggate community are mounting a petition to be delivered to the Queenstown Lakes District Council (QLDC) telling them they don’t want their water chlorinated.

After a meeting between Luggate residents and representatives of QLDC about the District Plan review turned into a debate about water chlorination, concerned Luggate resident Cec Anderson decided getting a petition together was the next step.

“It was something I thought of after the meeting. This is a most important issue and I wanted the whole village to have a voice. Not everyone knows how to submit online, especially older people. Getting those who can’t submit to sign the petition means they get a chance to have their say too,” Cec said.

Cec said QLDC said at the meeting they were required to meet the government water safety standards, so chlorination looked like it was the only option.

“I felt initially we were going to be bulldozed into it, but some of us have done some research and there are other alternatives to chlorination. Our water is amazing. There is no problem. They are just butt covering. I can understand they are worried about residents’ health, but they are going to chlorinate just in case and I think that is unacceptable,” Cec said.

The petition states the residents who sign the petition are opposed to the blanket chlorination of their water supply.

“If or when our water no longer meets the standards set out by the government we propose QLDC investigate all other possible options, rather than run with what we see is the easy option for the council of chlorination,” the petition states.

The petition goes on to say the community wishes to be consulted during the process, and before a final decision is taken. Cec is looking for volunteers to help visit all community members to sign the petition.

If you can help you can contact her by phoning or texting 0274223354.


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