Where were your kids?

This Toyota Hi Ace managed 33 years of faithful service and clocked up close to 400,000km – but a couple of meetings with vandals in Wānaka left it a write off.

Vandals have caused thousands of dollars of damage at a site on the Hikuwai residential development – prompting a call for parents to take responsibility.

Developer Lee Brown has posted a $500 reward for information leading to the identification of the culprits.

Police say two houses on Joe Brown Drive, Albert Town, were also trashed and daubed with black, green and pink spray paint. The cases appear similar.

It’s the second time Hikuwai has been used as a vandals’ playground – last time several juveniles were identified, and an attempt to have them meet Brown fizzled – just one turned up and subsequently did some gardening to make up for the damage.

Lee Brown posted pictures of the latest vandalism on social media asking “do you know where your kids were last night? …did they go out riding on their bikes?  …did they come home with black or pink spray paint on their fingers? …do you recognise any of the tags in the below photos? 

He told the Wānaka Sun the vandals struck last Thursday or Friday. The Albert Town vandalism happened on Friday or Saturday.

“The damage is in the thousands – a vehicle on the property belonging to a friend of mine has been completely trashed – it was going to be sold but will go to the wreckers now,” he said.

“They have completely trashed portable buildings on the site – smashing every window and destroying an oven. The owner was storing them and had planned to move them to his own site.”

The vandals left their calling cards in the shape of two names – Zebo and Rez, and their liberal use of yellow and fluoro pink and green spray paint included an insult to Mount Aspiring College, reinforcing the view youths were responsible. 

Brown said his social media message was designed to encourage adults to take some responsibility for the behaviour of young people in their home.

The vandals took advantage of the fact that the site is partially hidden by trees.

Hikuwai is a 200-lot subdivision on almost 40ha on the intersection of Aubrey and Outlet Rd. Lee Brown says it has attracted almost 95 per cent local buyers – “it’s a great community subdivision”.

Wānaka police are investigating the vandalism.



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