Albert reserve gets attention

Volunteers at the Albert Town Reserve last weekend.


More than 20 volunteers planted 200 native plants at the Albert Town reserve last Saturday.

Plants included endangered species including the carmichaelia kirkii, one of New Zealand’s native brooms.

“It is great to reintroduce some native plants in this reserve as there are not so many,” Te Kakano Aotearoa Trust administrator Loran Verpillot said.

“QLDC had some rabbit fences installed around a couple of areas which made the planting process a lot easier. It is crucial that the gates stay closed at all times though.” 

Planting is planned to continue for up to three years in fenced areas and the trust is likely to set up a watering system - probably some drums and buckets - so anyone passing by will be able to water the plants. 

The trust is organising planting every weekend until early October to catch up with the lost sessions due to lockdown.

“At alert level 2, we are limiting our planting sessions to 20 volunteers and people need to register,” Loran Verpillot said.

The trust is also active in the nursery at the moment.

“In spring, there is usually a lot of work to do with the plants, and we always welcome volunteers to our nursery sessions.

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