BP staff miss out on jobs

None of the staff at the Wānaka BP station on Ardmore St was successful in securing jobs at the new BP Connect service station at Three Parks which opens next month.

One staff member, who had worked at the BP station for more than 13 years was told he" was not suitable for a job" at the corporate-run BP Connect. Eight staff working at BP 2go are believed to have applied for 13 jobs at the BP Connect service station, but no-one got one.

A BP corporate media spokeswoman confirmed that "everyone who applied for a role at BP Connect Wanaka was interviewed following the same process and selection criteria used across all BP Connect company-owned and operated sites".

The BP 2go in Ardmore St is closing on August 4, and the BP Connect at the entrance to Three Parks beside the roundabout on SH84 is due to open on August 5.

Read Edition 980 of the Wānaka Sun here. 


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