Parents, you don’t have to be perfect during lockdown

Stressed about becoming a teacher and a parent? The advice is: “you don’t have to be perfect”. | Image from Pixabay

If being a parent is not already tricky enough, self-isolation for many means temporarily becoming a school teacher every day on top of work and day-to-day home life. 

What some families have already realised is that school at home doesn’t have to be all about algebra and plural/possessive apostrophe use. 

In this strange global climate, it can be easy to feel overwhelmed by the latest news updates. For children, that feeling can be exacerbated tenfold. 

Despite the fact that this virus is a devastating world event, there is a sense of unity that can be found in the fact that, yes, “we’re all in this together - all 7.5 billion of us.”

 So while we spend the next four or more weeks close to our whānau, it’ll certainly pay to magic up some creative time-passers like baking, puzzles, painting, or knitting. 

Neuroscience educator Nathan Wallis said that it’s important not to put too much pressure on oneself in this kind of situation. "Don't aim for perfection. Remember that the research says kids get good outcomes if they have 'good enough' parents.

”So that takes the pressure off you. You don't have to be a good parent, you just have to be good enough.”

Wallis added that screen time should be limited. 

"A whole amount of online correlates to anxiety and depression and we don't want this crisis to be that kids spend all day staring at computer screens…” Getting bored and making a hut is every bit as important as doing maths homework on the computer."

Self-isolation doesn’t have to mean being stuck indoors, either. As long as you only head out with people you are isolating with, it’ll certainly help to burn off the cabin fever to get a breath of fresh air. And with fingers crossed, we’ll all reemerge from isolation with a well bonded whānau. 


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