Modern tech for the Wānaka Bowling Club

The popular Wānaka Bowling Club

With the promise of colder days on the horizon as we come into autumn, many bowls enthusiasts might be worried that the Wānaka season is near drawing to an end. To that, the Wānaka Bowling Club says “heated indoor stadium.” Their flash facilities allow for bowling to be a year-round activity, and the club has invited the public to take a gander this Sunday, March 8 at 1:30-4:00 pm. 

The open day will allow locals to check out what the club has to offer, and to have club members show visitors the basics for no cost and bowls provided. 

As with many kinds of sports, bowls is an activity that is constantly morphing and developing. Recent years in New Zealand have seen the development of ‘Bowls3Five’, a shortened version of the game with ‘power plays’ and ‘tie-breakers’ that has made it to becoming a TV sport with many younger bowlers participating.

Just having black or brown bowls is long gone, with a huge range of colours and patterns of bowls now available making bowl identification more easy as well as brightening the whole scene up.

According to the club, the very basic purpose of the game remains simple: roll the jack (a small white or yellow ball) to the far end of the green and then attempt to roll your bowls to land closer to the jack than any of your competitors. They also added that bowls is a game for all people regardless of age or ability. It can be low key and social or fiercely competitive - it all depends on you. 

The Wānaka Bowling Club open day is welcome to all ages, genders, and abilities.

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