$500,000 winner was a first-time Lotto player

First-time Lotto player bought her winning ticket from the local Four Square based on a ‘lucky feeling’.

A ‘lucky feeling’ is what led last week’s Lotto winner down to the Albert Town Four Square to purchase her first-ever Lotto ticket.

The woman, who wishes to remain anonymous, purchased her ticket just hours before the draw on Wednesday, February 5, and scored herself $500,000 with the first line of the ticket.

“I said to everyone at home that I was feeling lucky. We were joking about it and I kept telling them I was going to win the big one with my first ticket,” the local lady told Lotto NZ.

Later that night the woman was playing board games with her friends when they decided to watch the live draw on her phone. She took a screenshot of the numbers and asked her friend to read them out as she checked her ticket.

“He read out the first few numbers and I was like ‘Yep, yep, yeah got that one, yep got that one.’… I stopped and said, ‘are you reading the numbers straight from the ticket?’

“I was sure he was having me on. But he was reading from my phone and all six numbers on the first line of the ticket matched. I just said, ‘Oh my God, we have won Lotto – it was a crazy moment,’ said the woman.

“We were all jumping around,” she said. “It still doesn’t feel real – I’m sure that will change when we see it in the bank account, though,” said the woman.

She plans to share the winnings with her family and invest for the future.



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