Tuki goes greener

Tuki goes one step further every year to make their event more environmentally friendly.

“Our goal for TUKI 2020 is to work on the successes of the first Tuki event, and to achieve above a 95 percent waste diversion,” reads the The TUKI Environmental Sustainability Plan. Year after year TUKI music festival continues to go greener and take the initiative to succeed in their goal of becoming 99 percent waste free. To do this they have introduced new programs each year to cut down on waste and encourage the public to do the same. Leading by example is a key part of the plan. To do so, the staff is required to use a reusable water bottle for the weekend, materials with minimal packaging are specially chosen for the event and vendors are provided with a list of eco-friendly and recycled products to use. The Green Team will work to keep the venue spotless and in doing so hopefully others will too. With clearly marked recycling bins and knowledgeable staff to direct patrons, the goal of 95 percent seems well within reach. As a last line of defense, Wānaka Wastebusters will be utilised to make use of the remaining waste.

In 2020 the Globelets will be coming back after a great showing last year. Goers are encouraged to bring back their previous Globelets but if lost or just in need of a new one they will be available again for $5 or $3 for a “pre-loved” washed cup. Working alongside Glendhu Station, TUKI would also like to solve the human waste removal by potentially installing underground tanks for composting. TUKI is committed to making this an experience that can be both enjoyable and sustainable. 


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