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A sucker for punishment or a bloody legend? Doug Todd is back on his bike for this year’s Macpac bike race.

Doug Todd is getting back on the horse, so to speak. After a horrendous accident last year's Macpac Motatapu bike race, he will be returning to finish what he set out to do. Nearing the end of the race last year, Todd was descending downhill when his wheel hit a rut causing him to hit the ground at full speed. He knew immediately his day was over but it turned out to be a bit worse that he had thought. 

“I landed on my head and left shoulder, in a world of pain. But at the time I kind of thought I’d dislocated my shoulder – which I’ve done twice before – so thought it probably wasn’t too bad.  Turned out it was a bit worse than that. I ended up with a separated AC joint on my left shoulder,” explained Todd.

Some cyclists who witnessed the event rushed to Todd’ aid. Given the nature of the location, the signal was not in their favor and one of the two riders rode ahead to find help. After being alerted an emergency response team was quickly set into motion and went out on 4WD to carry out the rescue.

“After the paramedics assessed me, they decided it would be impossible to transport me out by 4WD and so called in the helicopter.  They arrived about an hour later (very busy day) and were immensely professional. I cannot say enough good things about all involved in rescuing me.”

Starting the day on the trail and ending in an emergency helicopter would be reason enough for most to throw in the towel, but Todd clearly took the old adage of getting back on a horse to heart. Within a day, he had already made the decision to return and finish what he started. 

The Macpac Motatapu bike race starts in Wānaka and ends in Arrowtown this Saturday.


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