Another Wānaka business farewells single use cups

Fedeli, pictured, and Federal Diner join the Again and Again scheme

Wānaka cafes Fedeli and Federal Diner have joined the single-use cup (SUC) free movement, adding to the growing trend amongst businesses to kick excessive waste to the curb. Brona Parsons, owner of Fedeli and Federal Diner has been part of the SUC free campaign in Wānaka for a while now, and initially planned to introduce the scheme later in 2020: “We thought that we’d phase it out in the middle of the year, but it’s actually been really positive so we’ve just decided to bring that date forward and phase them out by the end of January,” says Parsons. Now in February, both cafes no longer serve disposable cups and instead have joined up to the Again and Again scheme. 

Again and Again is a local keep-cup system which provides a fleet stainless steel cups with silicone lids where customers pay a deposit of $3 to use and get that money back upon returning the cup. Parsons says the move wasn’t at all hard and that “the staff are really well informed about why we’re doing this and the alternatives, and that sort of stuff.” 

Customer reaction has largely been positive with the switch. “It's been a campaign for ages for us, so especially the regulars, they’ve all got keep cups and they know about it and they’re informed and we’ve been putting it out on social media.” 

For those that don’t know about the scheme, Parson estimates that they get about one in every 50 people who’ve walked out and gone else but “I think it’s worth it as the message we’re sending out is so positive and it’s the way that it’s going and in the future that’s the way Wanaka’s going to be and hopefully New Zealand.” 

She hopes that other local cafes will follow suit and that 2020 could be the last year of SUC’s in Wānaka. Other Wānaka cafes participating in Again and Again are: Alchemy Cafe, Ritual Cafe, Big Fig, Relishes Cafe, Florences Foodstore & Cafe, Monkey Farm, Pembroke Patisserie, Warbirds & Wheels, New World Three Parks and Sailz Lake Hāwea. 


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