A vision for community music

Twenty-one year old Matiu Young has set up a gofundme page to try to set up a youth community music studio.

Matiu Young is a 21-year-old local with a vision to help bring youth together by setting up a youth community music studio. Young has had a new lease on life after spending three months in prison and wants to give back to the youth in the community. 

He explained that music is an important part in his life, “I believe it’s perfect for connecting people, as I freestyle and write music myself I find it a good way to let out things I just can’t by talking, I can leave my emotions on one page or one song and continue on with my life, it’s like counselling in a way; it’s how I’ve dealt with past traumas I’ve had and believe it’s a gateway of therapy, plus you get to hear finished product which is always a bonus.”

Young has set up a gofundme.com page to attempt to fundraise for the space and is hoping for the community to support him in the effort, “I’m wanting recording gear, to produce finished content for everyone to enjoy not only singing and rapping but people could bring their instruments down and also make beats [to meet] new friends and find new passions… I’d like to reach out to anybody with experience in recording music, or anybody willing to learn and give their time like myself,” he said.

After coming out of a period of drug and alcohol abuse, Young is now six months into a beekeeping apprenticeship, and is also enjoying surfing, wakeboarding, hiking, and playing music. He wants to be able to offer the young people of the Upper Clutha, “a free studio and place for troubled youth or anybody in general wanting to come and let their emotions out through music in a positive way: a place to vent, hangout and just chill if anybody’s ever feeling lonely, suicidal, or wanting a friend to talk to without judgement. I’m also wanting to use this as a platform to bring people together through physical exercise as I believe it’s key to having a healthy mind and feeling good about yourself and I don’t believe we should have to pay memberships for this.” Young has not as of yet spoken to other youth organisations in the area, but hopes that this idea can unite the community. 

Search Matiu’s name on gofundme.com to donate to the cause.

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