Back to school: Meet the 2020 MAC Head Students

Nearly a tenth of the Wānaka population will be returning to Mount Aspiring College this coming Monday; and with them, two very special peers. Siena Shotwell and Michael Gealogo were selected out of a handful of worthy applicants at the end of last year to be the MAC 2020 head students. These important positions exist within the college as role models to the rest of the student body: representing the school at important functions, organising school assemblies and events, and liaising between senior staff and the students.

Siena Shotwell

Shotwell is heavily involved in many aspects of school life, being especially rooted in culture. She is a member of the school choir, senior theatre class, and is an active writer as well as enjoying football and skiing. “I love being a part of school culture and immersing myself in as many opportunities as I can,” said Shotwell, “to be an inspired leader is not to stand up, glorified in front of people and look cool, it is to be aware of the value in what is around you, to apply yourself in every aspect of what you do and in doing so, encourage the people around you to live their most extraordinary lives.” 

Alongside her head boy sidekick, Michael Gealogo, Shotwell looks forward to helping to unify the school as a whole, irrelevant of age or background, “the environment a person is in has an enormous effect on the way in which they develop —  how they perceive the world and what they can do in it. In order to cultivate the necessary environment for our students and the exquisite community that we have here, to grow, I believe it is a prerequisite to first and foremost unite us.”

Michael Gealogo

Gealogo is an active member of the college community, particularly that of the school’s football scene. “At lunch times my friends and I play football with the Year Sevens, showing how Mount Aspiring College is not divided by year groups,” he said. 

“As cliche as it is Mount Aspiring College has only brought joy to me from attempting the waltz at formal, to making the best muffins in food tech, the list goes on. Mount Aspiring College will forever be a part of me, like the scars on my knees. In fact I have plenty actually, all from Mount Aspiring College too.” 

Gealogo added that the position is all about giving back to the community, “I am a firm believer that everyone should be able to enjoy success whatever that may be. Success for me is being able to have an influential impact on the school I love by creating unity in our school, encouraging students to take opportunities and most important to me is that everyone is enjoying life.”


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