Questions over excessive noise at NY raised

You might need headphones: a couple on Warren road said the sound was “unbearable”

New Years Eve is a time of celebration and parties, but for one couple it marked a loud, unpleasant evening due to music from the waterfront. Anne and Fraser Symon live on Warren Street, several blocks back from the lake and said, “the so-called music was so loud that it dominated anything else going on or being watched. We were unable to hear a TV, phone conversations, general conversation etc.” 

She said friends who live at the far end of Mt Iron Road could also hear the loud music. Despite living in Wānaka for over four years, the couple have never heard music that loud and called it “unbearable.” They called noise control but were told by a phone message that no complaints will be dealt with until after 1am, when the waterfront event was scheduled to finish. Subsequent calls resulted in “one person agreeing that it was so loud even she could not hear us properly over the phone,” according to Symon. 

The New Years Eve waterfront event was attended by approximately 6,000 people consisting of both tourists and locals who enjoyed a show of live music, entertainment and fireworks. Queenstown Lakes District Council told the Wānaka Sun “The reception to the events by locals was overwhelmingly positive and QLDC considers the noise levels to have been appropriate. Three complaints were received later in the night that did not relate to the New Year’s event.” 

Anne and Fraser have filed a complaint with QLDC but says they haven’t heard anything back apart from a short email thanking them for their feedback and that the complaint has been sent to the appropriate parties for review. “The noise level was way over what is listed in QLDC’s noise level rules regarding what is an acceptable level of noise in a residential area at any time of day or night,” said Symon. 


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