Natural hazard database gets a makeover

The ORC have given their Natural Hazard Database a fresh lick of online paint, and it’s more accessible for anyone with internet connection.

The Otago Regional Council (ORC) have recently overhauled their natural hazards database, giving it a completely new look, and making it far more accessible. The online database displays information on flooding, coastal hazards, alluvial fans, landslides, and earthquakes on a map of the region. Since the update, the interactive database is far more intuitive, allowing users to navigate its resources far easier. 

ORC natural hazards manager Dr. Jean-Luc Payan explained that the database is an important source of information for Otago residents, “the hazards database gets a lot of traffic—between 30,000 and 40,000 views per month—so we’re pleased to have made it a much simpler, clearer experience for users. It’s a really valuable tool for sharing information on natural hazards in Otago.”

The original version of the website was launched in 2009 and only once updated in 2012. Eight years on, the database finally has a new lease on life with a number of new, improved features. 

For those preparing for a potential magnitude eight earthquake in coming years, the database has a tab dedicated to the topic, including information on active faults, earthquake shaking intensity, and liquefaction hazards. 

Visit the ORC’s Natural Hazard Database at:


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