Calling all perfect women

Sonya Adams, cancer survivor and last year’s local winner, testing her aim at the Claybird Shooting challenge, which featured in the 2018 Perfect Woman Competition.

The Perfect Woman Competition is coming back to the Luggate Hotel on October 26-27, and applications are now open for those wishing to take part.

From ironing to darts and backing a trailer to assembling a sawhorse, the annual event is known for its ever-evolving series of serendipitous challenges for its competitors—this year’s programme is yet to be released to the public. 

Co-founder Stew Burt said, “Don’t get too worried about the 30-second intro, big thing is to prepare, write it down and use notes when talking if needed. Also use some props, run ideas past friends, practice it and practice it. I have had to do a lot of public speaking and practice makes perfect. One of the best I have seen was a girl who came on stage with a bag and dressed in overalls. In the bag was cooking stuff, tools, shearing handpiece etc, she started saying she could fix the tractor with a large spanner dressed in overalls, then had an apron on underneath saying she could cook up a storm, then got down to a black singlet and shorts saying she could shear a sheep holding the hand piece. Hope it gives you some ideas and help but just be confident and have fun then the crowd will support you.”

There is a $25 fee to enter and all of the money raised at this event will go to The CanLive Cancer Trust⁠—a local charity that hosts residential programmes for people with active cancer and their support people.

Each competitor will receive a numbered t-shirt to wear on the day and has the chance of winning a $1000 dollar cash prize. Enter at Deadline, 1pm on October 26.


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