Council chemicals on local berms

The active ingredient in Round Up, is Glyphosate — one of the herbicides used by council for spraying weeds.

The use of Glyphosate as a herbicide made the 6pm news on Monday night for being used on Christchurch berms, despite it being banned by council due to suspected carcinogens. 

There is a range of herbicides used by Queenstown Lakes District Council on the road network in various volumes and frequency, depending on what is being targeted: AGPRO Organosilicone, AGPRO Blue Marker Dye, AGPRO Meturon, AGPRO Trichloram Brushkiller and AGPRO Glyphosate 36.

Council said, “QLDC has undertaken trials of alternative sprays in the past, but they have proved both ineffective, expensive, or a mixture of both.

“QLDC’s parks and reserves team continues to look at market alternatives and keep up to date with developments here, and we would certainly consider the use of an organic product provided it proves to be effective on targeted species of plant, and cost-effective.”

If you are a property owner or resident who does not want to have the road frontage of your property sprayed with herbicide, you can request to be added to QLDC’s No Spray Register. You can also request to have your property removed from the list if you no longer want to be on it.

One of the conditions of being added to the No Spray List is that you must agree to take over the control of noxious weeds in your road frontage, including: the verge, footpath, and the kerb and channel area of the carriageway.

If you do not control the weeds in the road frontage of your property, QLDC and its contractors will resume spraying.

The No Spray Register is at:

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