Free motorcycle training courses for residents

Pictured: Participants of a previous ACC Ride Forever training program. Photo: Supplied.

Queenstown Lake District Council (QLDC)  is offering free motorcycle training courses for its residents. 

The courses will be held in Cromwell this September to help local riders feel more confident and adaptable on the road. The training will be in conjunction with ACC’s Ride Forever initiative and Ornsby Motorcycle Training. 

QLDC media and channels advisor Jack Barlow said, “Riding a motorcycle requires a high level of awareness and skill. This is especially true when navigating the Queenstown Lakes District’s (QLD) roads, which can be a challenge for even the most experienced and capable riders.” 

QLDC general manager property and infrastructure, Pete Hansby, believes it is important that motorcyclists have all the tools they need to feel safe on the region’s roads. “The QLD is home to some of the country’s most beautiful scenic routes, and, by the same token, some of its most enjoyable roads,” he said.

From budding bikers to the most experienced motorcyclist, these courses will be taught by qualified experts and cater to all levels.

Hansby said, “There are also various factors that can make these roads treacherous, particularly in winter and especially to people riding motorcycles. QLDC wants to do whatever it can to ensure motorcyclists are equipped to use our local roads safely, for the sake of both themselves and other road users.”

Find out more on QLDC’s website.


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