Suspected ‘bored youths’ vandalise community centre

Pictured: Caretaker Doug Brenssell at the smashed concrete grates.

Bored youths from Lake Hawea are at the centre of an enquiry into vandalism at the Lake Hawea Community Centre. 

Doug Brenssell, caretaker of the Lake Hawea Community Centre noticed the smashed concrete grates a fortnight ago before walking around the building to find even more damage. The electrical box had been ripped off the wall, disabling the waste pump which resulted in waste backing up through the showers and flooding the archive room. 

Brenssell said there are “no definite leads but very strong suspicions which have been reported to police who I believe are following that line of enquiry.” 

The community centre is owned by the residents of Hawea, not council, so all repairs come out of the community’s back pocket. “We have to fundraise to pay for this,” said Brenssell. “It’s hugely upsetting to me because I’ve had a huge role to play in this place and to put the effort into having a really nice community centre — it’s hurtful and it feels sad that people would do such a thing.” 

The damage is not likely covered by insurance due to excess issues and will instead be paid for by funds that had been raised for facility improvement.


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