Winter frosted trees and hills

Image: Heather MacClead

Winter is an exciting time to get outside and expand our photographic portfolio. When the scene is covered in an envelope of snow or frost, familiar surroundings take on an entirely different perspective and give photographers the opportunity to capture unique images. However, white covered landscapes will influence our camera’s meter exposure reading, which may lead to underexposed images that appear dull and grey; but this is easily remedied by adding positive compensation (by perhaps 1 to 1.5 stops) to achieve correct exposure. Winter brings a number of benefits for landscape photographers. These include the sun hanging lower on the horizon compared to other seasons and not rising as early as in summer. 

Snow and frost transform many locations and can also be very photogenic in their own right. The winter palette creates wonderful images but we should experiment. Snow and frost can create great conditions for monochrome photos. Low sun lengthens the shadows of all subjects and can create interesting shapes and lines. These basic composition elements are much more visible in black and white, especially when highlighted in post production editing.

We should also look for little details. Branches, fences and gates are just some objects that can look really photogenic when placed on a flattering white background. 

Heather Macleod enjoyed taking her photo ‘Winter frosted trees and hills.’ Heather took the image from her wonderful garden. She was struck by the light catching the frost and the limited tonality which allowed her to concentrate on the contrast in shape and colours of the trees and hills. Heather took her picture using an OIympus Mi mark 111 camera attached to a 100-300mm lens focused at 240mm. She used an aperture of f7.1 and a shutter speed of 1/400th sec and ISO of 200. Wanaka Camera Club is dedicated to help improve the skills of anyone interested in photography. We welcome anyone to join us, irrespective of photographic ability. Come along and see what we can do for you. Our next meeting is Monday August 12, 7.30pm at The St John’s Rooms, Link Way.


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